"This is the story of a girl, who cried a river and drowned the whole world, while she looks so sad in photographs, I absolutely love her when she smiles."

Absolutely (Story of a Girl). When you think of that song, think of Nine Days. The band that penned the year 2000 smash hit off of their 4th album and 1st major label recording The Madding Crowd.

Born and bred out of Long Island, NY, Nine Days has been together for 20 years. The five main members of the band, John Hampson (vocals, guitars), Brian Desveaux (vocals, guitars), Nick Dimichino (bass), Vincent Tattanelli, (drums), Jeremy Dean (keyboards, saxophone), are the backbone of the sound that has continued to evolve, revolve, and gain new audiences over all these years. Nine Days is alive and kicking with their new albumĀ 
Something Out Of Nothing.

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